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Expansive bay windows fitted with Prowler Proof ForceField stainless steel mesh security screens by Get Real Secure, Stafford Heights. We service Brisbane's inner suburbs, including Lutwyche, Windsor, Enoggera, Kelvin Grove, Paddington, Newstead, Bulimba, Ascot, Wavell Heights, Aspley and all surrounding areas.



Large, semi-rural homestead
Birds singing, breezes blowing — ForceField screens allow
family homestead to welcome nature, not intruders
Adam from Get Real Secure listened to the requests of the owner of this sprawling home and worked with them to find a Prowler Proof product that ensured the family's safety at home, without compromising the sweeping 360 degree views, limiting the airflow or damaging the beautiful, timber-framed windows which give this home such character.
Prowler Proof ForceField stainless steel fixed window security screen installed on a hung window by Get Real Secure. We service Brisbane's inner suburbs, including Lutwyche, Enoggera, Kelvin Grove, Paddington, Fortitude Valley, Hawthorne, Ascot, Northgate, Geebung and all surrounding areas.
Get Real Secure installed Prowler Proof ForceField stainless steel fixed window and hinge door security screens on this home
Rochedale home fitted with Prowler Proof ForceField stainless steel security screens on all windows and doors by Get Real Secure. We service Brisbane's inner suburbs, including Stafford Heights, Everton Park, Kelvin Grove, Bardon, Windsor, New Farm, Camp Hill, Morningside, Ascot, Northgate, Carseldine and all surrounding areas.
Living on a large property in a semi-rural area has its challenges when it comes to security. The resident of this property recently took it over from his parents. He soon realised that the property would become far more liveable with security screens installed…
“My parents kept the doors and windows of the house closed. In the twenty years they lived in the home, they always had concern for intruders and this was heightened after they came home to discover a break-in. The children had grown up and left home and my parents were living in the home on their own. Since that day they rarely opened the windows.”
Living on acreage is about having a relationship with nature
— Homeowner
"When I took over the property, I knew that natural ventilation would make the home much more liveable. But opening the windows in the morning, closing them to take the kids to school and opening them again when I got back, soon became a daily frustration.”
“The ForceField security screens transformed my home. Now I can leave the windows open without worrying about their security. I feel safer and we have a relationship with nature that we didn't have before…we can hear birds singing, breezes blowing and roosters crowing. With security screens you’re part of nature, with closed windows you live in a fortress. That’s the difference.”
“My brother installed ForceField security screens a while back and he recommended Adam Dixon from Get Real Secure  so warmly that I thought I could only be disappointed. But Adam didn’t disappoint. The quote arrived within 24 hours. He said it would take three weeks until the screens were ready, it took only two. He constantly under promises and over delivers. On top of that he’s a really nice guy, not the sort of pushy salesman you sometimes come across.”
His advice and craftsmanship was very solid as well. ForceField® is a great looking product and when Adam says
it’s the strongest security screen on the market, I believe him
— Homeowner
"During my research I certainly didn’t come across any other security screen with seamless welded corners. I didn’t come across any other brand with more than 300 colour options either. Adam suggested a colour that matched the colour of the timber and suited the style of my home and the installation was done to perfection. He even gave me a device that makes the cleaning of the screens far easier.”
"Ventilation and security were the main reasons why I decided to buy security screens but now they’re installed I realise there are other advantages as well. The bugs can’t come in and my children can’t fall out. Oh, and by the way…they help keep the snakes out as well!”
Thank you to the owners of this home for trusting Get Real Secure to secure their home.


Owner of Get Real Secure
Adam Dixon, owner of Get Real Secure. Brisbane security screen installation.
Prowler Proof ForceField fixed security screen installed on double-hung window by Get Real Secure at this home in Rochedale. Get Real Secure services Brisbane's inner suburbs, including Grange, Clayfield, Newmarket, Kelvin Grove, Paddington, New Farm, Bulimba, Ascot, Geebung and all surrounding areas.
ForceField is pure class
When it comes to security, transparency and
good looks, it has no peers
ForceField's stainless steel mesh is almost invisible, and near impossible to get past