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Prowler Proof Hinge Window security screens installed on kitchen casement windows of new build in Bardon by Get Real Secure. We service Brisbane's inner suburbs, including Upper Kedron, Chermside, Aspley, Wavell Heights, Hamilton, Balmoral, Camp Hill, Newstead, Rosalie, Ashgrove and all surrounding areas.



New-build home in Bardon
embraces traditional past
and modern technology
Prowler Proof Hinge Window security screens
make new casement windows safe, secure and simple to use
Adam from Get Real Secure was thrilled to offer this new-build home a high-tech security upgrade that could fulfill the homeowner's desire for their traditional-styled, newly-built home to have safe, secure screens that could protect their home while allowing the full and easy operation of their new casement windows.
New casement window fitted with Prowler Proof Hinge Window security screen by Get Real Secure. We service Brisbane's inner suburbs, including Kedron, Windsor, Newmarket, Ashgrove, Alderley, Paddington, Fortitude Valley, Carindale, Morningside, Ascot, Carseldine and all surrounding areas.
Adam from Get Real Secure installed Prowler Proof Hinge Window security screens on the casement windows of this home in Bardon
This newly-built home in the leafy suburb of Bardon has seamlessly blended new technology while embracing the traditional style of architecture which the suburb is known for.
The client was looking for security screens that would protect their home without limiting their enjoyment and use of the new casement windows which were an integral design feature of their new home.
In their search, they had not found a security screen product that would allow the function of these windows, and they were highly aware that although window security was necessary, permanent steel bars were not desirable - being not only unsightly, but also posing a fire hazard and risk to the occupants in the event of an emergency.
The home needed easy access to the window glass and hardware, and a safe, accessible emergency exit point.
Fortunately, this was when they got in touch with Get Real Secure, and having conducted a home visit and listened to the client's requests, Adam knew immediately the best solution for this project.
This elegant home needed an equally elegant security solution,
and Prowler Proof Hinge Window security screens with

ForceField stainless steel mesh were the obvious choice.
​Hinge Window security screens, unlike standard fixed window screens allow you to open and close them via the dual-action handle which sits flush with the frame when not in use. This handle ensures the screen swings open when you want it to, and stays securely closed when you need it to, preventing accidental opening.
Prowler Proof's famous welded frame, concealed European hardware and H.I.T. Hidden Installation Technology — which uses hidden, multi-point locking cams — mean this screen has no visible joins, and no place for intruders to attack — making this screen both tamper-proof and aesthetically pleasing.
Combined with ForceField's 316 marine-grade stainless steel mesh — which is chemically bonded into the welded frame — the Hinge Window screens installed at this Bardon home are our strongest and best looking.
The homeowners will have many years of enjoyment using these screens, knowing that not only do they exceed Australian standards for security but are also highly corrosion resistant, safe for fall prevention scenarios and proven to keep insects out — and Prowler Proof backs all of this with a 10 year full replacement warranty.
Adam, owner of Get Real Secure, installed Prowler Proof Hinge Window security screens on the casement windows of a home in Bardon. Get Real Secure services Brisbane's inner suburbs, including Stafford, Enoggera, Kelvin Grove, Paddington, Newstead, Bulimba, Ascot, Wavell Heights, Geebung and all surrounding areas.
Our security screens are available in over 300 powder coat colours and the client chose a white frame to complement the classic decor of the open-plan kitchen, dining and living rooms.
ForceField mesh is manufactured with black powder coating and becomes almost invisible, with light streaming through the numerous casement windows in this space. 
With installation of these security screens, the homeowners can now access their window hardware, control airflow throughout the home without worrying about insects, use their screens as servery windows to connect their kitchen and outdoor entertaining areas, and have peace of mind knowing that while they are safe from intruders, they also have safe places to exit their home in the event of a fire or other emergency.
It was a pleasure for Adam to work with the client to achieve the best outcome for this home's security needs.
At Get Real Secure we love knowing that when we go home at night, we have left someone's home more secure than when we found it — with products that exceed Australian Standards for
security, corrosion resistance and insect protection — and also more enjoyable to spend time in. And as a family business, we want you to feel as happy and secure in your home, as we do in ours.
Thank you to the owners of this home for trusting Get Real Secure to secure their home.


Owner of Get Real Secure
Adam Dixon, owner of Get Real Secure. Brisbane security screen installation.
Kitchen windows fitted with Prowler Proof Hinge Window security screens. Get Real Secure services Brisbane's inner suburbs, including Kedron, Grange, Alderley, Kelvin Grove, Rosalie, Teneriffe, Balmoral, Hamilton, Northgate, Carseldine and all surrounding areas.
Prowler Proof's award-winning Hinge Window
The ultimate security security solution for
protection, convenience & aesthetics
When unlocked it can be opened and even removed
for easy cleaning of the screen and window glass